All You Need To Know About Logistics and Us

Have you been wondering how all big companies manage their supply chains? How do they manage to make hundreds of deliveries on time, everyday? How do they plan and deal with transportational difficulties and inconvenienced customers? These questions just keep increasing but the answer remains the same - Efficient Logistics Management. We thought you might need a hand in understanding what logistics are. So, we took the liberty of helping you out with the basics.

Overview of the Logistics Industry

The logistics industry is among one of the fastest growing industries in India with an average annual growth rate of around 11%. While COVID-19 put a halt on various logistics operations, e-logistics industries have come out stronger due to continuation in consumer demands through e-commerce platforms. So, if you're just starting out in the industry, you might want to look out for the nature of logistics you want to set a stronghold in.

What does the industry do?

It won't be a far reach to call logistics the back bone of supply chain management. It majorly relates with processes involved with the movement of goods and services from the seller to the consumer or the reverse transfer of the same products in case of any complaints. While the process sounds rather simple on the surface, logistics is complex and one of the most important components of supply change management. Efficient logistics support means:

Components of Logistics

Logistics management is a subset of supply chain management. Hence, it covers processes starting from demand planning to delivery or reverse logistics (return-to-seller orders). You will find a clearer understanding of these processes below:

Overview of Lorrigo

Diaforaison Services Private Limited (Lorrigo) is a third party e-logistics company providing logistics management through an aggregator platform. We strive to be your one-stop solution for any and all logistics needs. We believe that no package is small enough to be undeliverable and no address is too far to deliver to. As long as you want it delivered, we'll provide you with the rest of the support. Whether you need to ship your orders to your customers or need to deliver a personal gift over to a friend's place, we've got you covered! Looking for the right delivery partners, managing inbound and outbound deliveries, keeping a track of in-transit orders, etc. can be a hassle. But we can offer to take that load off with our holistic products and services. All you need to do is hand over your orders to us and we'll take care of arranging drop-offs. We partner with various courier companies so you can find your perfect match to make the delivery at the right price and the right time. Our in-built tech-based aggregator platform uses a state-of-the-art business model. But if you've got any feedback, we never back away from any opportunity to improve ourselves in servicing our customers.

If we intrigue you and you are looking to know more about us and our services or if you wish to leave a message/feedback/suggestion, visit us. Feel free to leave a comment or explore our services!